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America Tour Diary 1

Fri 17 Jun, 2011

 By Tabitha Denholm

I’ve hopped onto Florence’s latest US extravaganza for a couple of weeks to capture some VIBES

PHASE 1: Getting to the Greek

LA is the best place to jump on a tour because its Instantly ridiculous.

The Greek is beautiful on a warm balmy night in a way Wembley will never quite manage.

(check enthused fan bottom left)

You can just kick back and let supports Twin Shadow wash over you for starters - George is fast becoming my style icon.

then the main event



heart warming


Then you turn around and Zac Effrons bloody sitting there! er fancy meeting flo?

he took my suggestion to improvise with bananas quite literally.

I really liked them and decided to join their Efronage (this is going to happen)

He rocked up with Drew Barrimore who wore fingerless gloves and talked about auras.

And Flo’s pal and biggest fan Blake Lively - who lives up to her name with lovely bags of boundless enthusiasm.

Rob the guitarist remained ice cool however.

Tommy Hilfiger got involved picking up some fashion tips.

“Kenneth the page” is pretty much part of the crew now and Isa’s biggest fan

And we all know where Kenneth goes, Jon Hamm follows right? - hash tag - living the dream.

(resisting Hamm sandwich puns) but thaaat pretty much sums it up.

Next up…. Minneapolis


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Comments (1)

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  • I love Florence's red dress, it's so pretty...

    Posted by GirlWithOneEye92 on Sat 30 Jul, 2011