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America Tour Diary 5 : We Want Baltimore

Mon 27 Jun, 2011

Florence was completely un-phased by the prospect of playing to a ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND seater stadium that evening on a giant techno spider - oh and yeah thats Bono, The Edge and co honing their power licks way off in the far distance ie on the stage

Guinness drinking is enforced by security so everyone was ready to have a good time


A little trepidation and….

BOOM - the crowd is behind her…. and in front of her and all over the bloody place!

She steers the sonic cactus to victory everyone is waving and giving it the good time sways

The gang had perfected their celebratory “stadium formation smile”


Some time to kick back and enjoy the show - Bono boards the “space bus” with the appropriate rock swagger.

The set list reveals we have a chat, an astronaut segue and teletubbies (?) to look forward to

Now all we need is some viewing buddies…hows about John Krasinski and i dunno…Matt Damon - perfect

They’re big fan’s and officially hilarious (most consistent photo face award goes to JK)

Let the good times roll…


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