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American Tour Diary 2: Minneapolis: a totally different animal...

Mon 20 Jun, 2011

It is literally

the home of conventions, very specific conventions

in our hotel we had these good guys - republicans protecting gay marriage rights - pro-gay democrats?? you're up the road

We rolled in ahead of the crowd, so we had time for a quiche PARTAY - 2 of my favourite things - with Dana-mite - our press wizard’s extended family - keeping it local

Squeezed in some exhibish time…. getting in the mood for the impending Baltimore trip with the Absentee Landlord de jour - John Waters - Where he asks the big questions like who is horny for Pop?

We fell in love with the snaps of a florest and his wife who became absorbed by their imaginary world and spent their time taking decadent portraits of each other... racy

but soon we were embracing some even more beastial pleasures...

Florence rolled up giving it the big one with her animal themed contribution - joining the “Flonterage” tradition of the bird cage tattoo

then off to Minasota zoo where Flo was playing but ironically…

a night at the amphitheater surrounded by tigers and some grizzly bears

tonight is the first night on the booty bus but only birds allowed (sooo far) so we say a fond fair well to ZOOTIME

and Hiyaaa to Chicago…

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