Florence + the Machine

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American Tour Diary 3: Morning Chicago!

Thu 23 Jun, 2011

 The Uptown girls are instantly loving the raggedy cool of the place...

This girl was waiting for us at 9 am and stayed all day

We’re in a rectangle of old bars, theatres and bookshops all conected by tunnels from the prohibition era

Good name for a band

This is John

Rob is our resident “smooth dude” so he fitted right in

The venue went with your classic Alibaba tent meets fantasy wonderland meets BLOWING YOUR MIND design…this was just the gents

Spending time with a big fan

The crowd seemed like a baying mob at Medieval tournament

Flo prowled the stage like a good / bad witch

They lapped it up

Rob felt powerful knowing he had done a good show

Isa is single and ready to mingle

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Comments (2)

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  • I wanted to go to the concert SOOOO BAD! but then it was sold out! I WILL ALWAYS LOVE FLORENCE AND THE MACHINE! FOREVER!

    Posted by herdreamwasLIBRA on Thu 11 Aug, 2011

  • i'm usually like that in the bookstore...

    Posted by GirlWithOneEye92 on Sat 30 Jul, 2011