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American Tour Diary 4 - Getting Our Philly

Fri 24 Jun, 2011

 We had a mad dash back to NYC. Flo had about 30seconds spare to get to the studio and squeeze out some musical fusion.

She pulls it out the bag - hash tag TROUPER.

Under the spell of the aubergine dip we are lured back to our favourite feeding ground like spawning fish. Freemans - we are powerless to resist

Look at Mairead’s powerless tiny hands.

I have always wanted to visit Philly. Some of my favourite people are from there i.e. Kevin Bacon.

But our train attendant wasn’t so keen - she smoked out the window and talked about prostitution pretty loud.

In the 4 hours we were in Philly i was glad to discover there is a river, a car park and a stage.


This was Florence’s first ever show on a pier with bridge back ground detail! R R R ROMANTIC.

Before you can say intercity ping pong we’re back in NYC for the Colbert Report (Click HERE…)

He’s a defender of free speech NOT a wax work as this snap with cousin Dave might suggest.

The Flonterage are notorious for never turning down a free feed so courtesy of Nylon (and eventually Rays 24 hour Pizza place) the girls went home satisfied for the night.

(Unike wildly jealous nontorage lassie top right)

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Comments (2)

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  • i saw the ny performance so great long live flo!!!!!!! try our thin pizza

    Posted by cforsyth on Wed 31 Aug, 2011

  • I WAS THERE!!!!! And I almost missed the first song because of that bridge. But I didn't...! Thank you so much for playing in Philly! I hope you had a cheese steak!

    Posted by flossy222 on Tue 26 Jul, 2011