Florence + the Machine

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  • www.HushNoMore.com is slammin the Whisky a gogo sat 6-4-11 at 6:30 to 7:30. Second time they have been invited! They will front Florence and the Machine for any of your June Greek shows. Call:805.907.0871 (Ask for Chris) Jordyn has already written 6 new cutting edge songs to add to their 50 already written and avaliable. www.HushNoMore.Com e:Christopher@reloadable.com, call 805.907.0871 Please come checkus out Saturday eve! (Ages 14, 16, 17,17,18,19) and we'll rock it like rock should be.

    Posted by hushnomore on Fri 03 Jun, 2011

  • i think u shuld cum to lubbock so i can she u rock out on stage ur like my idol and i wuld really like to see u cum to lubbock

    Posted by hope ash on Wed 25 May, 2011

  • i agree fudgemonkey, she is brilliant!!!

    Posted by griffinx0 on Tue 24 May, 2011

  • She's brilliant!!!

    Posted by fudgemonkey on Tue 24 May, 2011

  • love all of these dresses!! xx < 3

    Posted by Caitsxx on Sun 22 May, 2011

  • When are you coming to NJ/NY/tri state area?

    Posted by indie on Sat 21 May, 2011

  • you are stunning....i love your music....marry me

    Posted by swiftsparrow on Fri 06 May, 2011

  • please come to Manchester, UK sometime soon!

    Posted by vanessafx on Sat 23 Apr, 2011

  • When are you expecting a tour arnd Europe, pls! Would be lovely if you would include Barcelona in there, but i'll go anywhere where my salary allows me to go :P (so pls not in Monaco, tks).

    Posted by Virginia on Fri 22 Apr, 2011

  • Please come to sheffield or nottingham :D ?

    Posted by lolliee laura on Tue 19 Apr, 2011

  • Please come to phillie?

    Posted by vegge4brains on Mon 18 Apr, 2011

  • when ru coming to LA?

    Posted by pdelgado247 on Sun 17 Apr, 2011

  • please come to derby!?

    Posted by birdsoul on Sun 03 Apr, 2011

  • i am loving it my darling we love florence welch

    Posted by florence.horrigan on Sat 02 Apr, 2011

  • please come to Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas this summer!!!! Please!!!!

    Posted by danajoqberry on Wed 30 Mar, 2011

  • please come to Montreal, Quebec (Canada)

    Posted by florance+machine22 on Fri 25 Feb, 2011

  • please come to dublin??

    Posted by babygirl on Tue 15 Feb, 2011

  • are you coming to washington DC??

    Posted by invisible sun on Tue 01 Feb, 2011

  • Florence, play my 16th? 15th of May, somewhere in Portsmouth, Don't care where. Add me darlings

    Posted by shannondawn on Thu 20 Jan, 2011

  • Florence + The Machine in Brasil... Pleaseeeeeeee

    Posted by kassio on Thu 20 Jan, 2011