Florence + the Machine

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  • omg your outfits

    Posted by shyrnait on Tue 08 Feb, 2011

  • wow.... I.. LOVE....THAT....LEOTARD.... (and the tights!!)

    Posted by NO.REGRETS on Sat 30 Oct, 2010

  • Florence im loving your style!

    Posted by Ninatheno.1fan on Sat 11 Sep, 2010

  • she is so beautiful :)

    Posted by loli on Tue 07 Sep, 2010

  • This is such an amzing picture!! gotta love florence

    Posted by purplevengance on Thu 05 Aug, 2010

  • that outfit is amazin!!

    Posted by flornce222 on Fri 23 Jul, 2010

  • i love this pic its so cool

    Posted by milli on Thu 27 May, 2010

  • same i want my hair colour like hers xxx :) xx lol x

    Posted by dorris2 on Mon 24 May, 2010

  • i absolutely LOVE her, her unique style, her music, her HAIR COLOUR!!!! :-)

    Posted by lozie :) on Tue 11 May, 2010

  • everything about her is so captivating; her voice, her style, what she has to say. She is an amazing woman and role model.

    Posted by Rose_Black on Wed 05 May, 2010

  • is tht ur natural colour? and if it isnt, what colour do you dye ur hair?

    Posted by angelcakes118 on Mon 03 May, 2010

  • i love the tights!!! :)

    Posted by angelcakes118 on Mon 03 May, 2010

  • she is so unique!!! i love everything about her..shes amazing!!

    Posted by kate98 on Mon 03 May, 2010

  • aw shes pretty, i love her hair

    Posted by __Saraah on Sun 02 May, 2010

  • Florence has such a nice fashion sense, I always love what she wears

    Posted by vermillion94 on Sun 14 Mar, 2010

  • wow! beautiful!! i love what she is wearing!!! she always wears such stunning clothes!!!

    Posted by one_eyed_girl on Mon 15 Feb, 2010