Florence + the Machine

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  • wow, amazing

    Posted by evocatus on Sun 14 Aug, 2011

  • this picture shows the cosmic peace florence has in her.how everyone loves her.its very pretty

    Posted by kilo10 on Tue 21 Jun, 2011

  • your completely illuminated :)

    Posted by Hmac on Thu 16 Jun, 2011

  • beautiful(:

    Posted by lovestickssweatdrips on Sun 20 Mar, 2011

  • i love her so much

    Posted by vanessamelissa on Tue 07 Sep, 2010

  • you've got the love...

    Posted by Juuli on Mon 05 Jul, 2010

  • MANNNN!!!!!!! I LOVE the way you wore that dress!! XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

    Posted by TMAN on Thu 27 May, 2010

  • epic!!!! flo is super awesome!

    Posted by clotilde on Fri 05 Feb, 2010

  • This photo is actually fantastic. Which gig is this, I can't find where it says? x

    Posted by chloetti on Fri 05 Jun, 2009