Florence + the Machine

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  • Come on back to Berkeley...Please...

    Posted by Dogma62 on Sun 24 Jul, 2011

  • oh my gosh, florence you are so beautiful

    Posted by robyn:) on Fri 08 Apr, 2011

  • wow she looks so hot.love her music

    Posted by jclove on Sat 29 Jan, 2011

  • Loving that outfit ! can't wait till you come to australia !!! :D xxx

    Posted by howl_hanz_98 on Tue 11 Jan, 2011

  • Nice legs!

    Posted by NO.REGRETS on Sat 30 Oct, 2010

  • I love florence she looks so cool

    Posted by tanith on Wed 25 Aug, 2010

  • I'm still waiting to find some tickets for one of your concerts xxxx Me and my best mate love your whole album espesh Falling on the other album xxx :D

    Posted by Yaziemin on Mon 05 Jul, 2010

  • Absolutely Awesome !!

    Posted by Carl warren on Tue 18 May, 2010

  • Wolverhampton civic hall even doh!! haha

    Posted by simonbayliss30 on Wed 12 May, 2010

  • Saw Florence last night at Walsall Civic Hall! Amazing voice, amazing gig and atmosphere! She is so talented! and ridiculously sexy! Cant wait to see her again!

    Posted by simonbayliss30 on Wed 12 May, 2010

  • you are so sexy :) :) i love...

    Posted by Motyl_greta on Mon 19 Apr, 2010

  • Love Wahh Florence is Wherinn :) x

    Posted by iLoveIceCream on Tue 23 Feb, 2010

  • i know!! i wish i had he legs!!! i love those shoes!!! she is soo pretty!!!!xxxx

    Posted by one_eyed_girl on Mon 15 Feb, 2010

  • pfwoaaarr! what fantastic legs.

    Posted by kaiserbill on Wed 10 Feb, 2010