Florence + the Machine

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Pre-Order The New Album From Flotique And Receive A Limited Edition Poster

Pre-Order The New Album From Flotique And Receive A Limited Edition Poster

Fri 26 Aug, 2011

Following the announcement earlier this week that Florence & The Machine's much anticipated second album is out on November 7, we have more great news for you today - it is now available to pre-order worldwide from Flotique and comes with a limited edition poster that is exclusive to Flo's official store.

The deluxe edition will feature a second CD of remixes and previously unreleased material.

Click the links below to pre-order your copy now.



We're excited about the album, are you?

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  • oh wow! the new song is amazing. please come to australia for your next tour? :) xx

    Posted by Sofi.Bell on Mon 05 Sep, 2011

  • November 7th will be one of the best days of our lives!!! I'm getting all jittery and teary just thinking about it!!!! Will be sleeping outside my nearest music store that night!!! And I very much doubt I will be alone!!!

    Posted by Sarah117 on Sat 03 Sep, 2011

  • I'm a big fan since 2008. Have "various" editions of the first album and a few singles. But disappointed again with the mastering of the new single: DR6 (take a look at Dynamic Range Database). It's sad that music by such a great band gets slaughtered and degraded by an unprofessional mastering engineer. Is it possible to use another master? Maybe the vinyl-master will be superior and can be used for cd too? Please take a moment to think about it. All the best!

    Posted by Quadran on Fri 02 Sep, 2011

  • when is it coming out in america!?!

    Posted by beemagnificent on Thu 01 Sep, 2011

  • Hey! I was just wondering if any of you guys have ordered the US tour screen print, it says hand signed and numbered from 1-200.. is it authentically signed? or is this a print of a signature? :)

    Posted by MeghanClark on Wed 31 Aug, 2011

  • Eeeeeee! Can't wait! :D You're are amazing Flo, I love your music so much! :)

    Posted by flobsessed_17 on Mon 29 Aug, 2011

  • Well, First post, I'm a Flo Fan in the U.S. and I can't help but think there aren't enough of us over here, so I keep telling people to listen. Today I heard Drumming Song on someone's car stereo. I feel good about that.

    Posted by VJ on Sun 28 Aug, 2011

  • wait im the only one here arent i yup i am!

    Posted by Iluvflorencedani on Sun 28 Aug, 2011

  • i am sooo excited to hear that florence has a new album any body want to be my friend?xxx i luv flo

    Posted by Iluvflorencedani on Sun 28 Aug, 2011

  • Aw guys! I'm drunk listening to 'What The Water gave Me'. Words cannot express my love for you all. I could cry, I am that happy to hear about your new album. I have been waiting for this day, every day for the past 2 years. I believe I am australia's biggest Flow, I hope to express it next time you's are down under! Love you all! xx

    Posted by zacandthemachine on Sat 27 Aug, 2011

  • Worldwide, hm? This is incredibly exciting. I was just about to go comment in the other news post to inquire when those of us across the pond would have the privilege. "Lungs" was the first piece of music I have EVER paid for. This will be the second.

    Posted by capnjoe on Fri 26 Aug, 2011