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Pre-Order The New Album (UK)

Pre-Order The New Album (UK)

Tue 23 Aug, 2011

UK Flo fans - you can pre-order your copy of the new album, so what are you waiting for?

Pre-order your copy of the album now by click the links below:



The record is released on November 7 and you can watch the first taste of it on Youtube in the form of brand new track 'What The Water Gave Me'.

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  • Amazon.co.uk let me order in the US! I hope I didn't mess something up:(

    Posted by missnan on Sun 28 Aug, 2011

  • Please please pretty please come to medford OR or portland OR we love you guys!

    Posted by westa on Fri 26 Aug, 2011

  • Album still untitled? First 'Strangeness & Charm" and now "What The Water Gave Me". How about calling it "Elements" then? Can't wait for Nov 7th ;o)

    Posted by stalky on Thu 25 Aug, 2011

  • When will we be able to pre-order in the US please???? I am waiting anxiously! The new song is AWESOME!!!

    Posted by nytehowl on Thu 25 Aug, 2011

  • cannot wait for it to be available in Australia! I've bought 'What the Water gave Me' on iTunes. It's the best spendings of my life. Love you guys, I'm real a proud Flow! xx

    Posted by zacandthemachine on Wed 24 Aug, 2011